Wedding Entertainment

At 1 Stop Weddings, we don’t sub-contract your special day to unknown acts, we do everything in-house. Our Wedding entertainers are experienced live entertainers from Ireland’s finest Abba Tribute, The Bjorn Identity to Michael Samuels, The voice of Riverdance.

Although a proper wardrobe selection and the correct choice of venue are all critical components to a successful wedding, live wedding acts are certainly not to be overlooked. A well-chosen band or wedding singer can allow guests to relax, break up any tension and provide an excellent means by which strangers can otherwise interact with one another. Also, live music will help to take the spotlight off of the bride and groom; allowing them to enjoy their singular moment in a bit of privacy while the other participants “unwind” after the wedding ceremony.

When choosing live music for a wedding, it is important to opt for musicians with a proven track record and if possible, those that are willing to provide wedding-related testimonials in regards to their past performances. Therefore, the bride and groom will be able to rest assured in the knowledge that they are receiving only the best services possible. Offering a wide range of musical genres combined with some of the most popular contemporary pieces, live wedding music is an excellent means to celebrate the event while allowing memories to be created that will live on for years to come.  (Adding video to your wedding is a perfect addon.) Thankfully, the numerous musical providers across Northern Ireland, England & Ireland are willing to address even the most demanding of needs during this truly unforgettable celebration.