Wedding Car hire

It is clear now to appreciate the very real benefits that a bespoke wedding car hire service will provide to the bride, the groom and the guests. The most well-known companies in Northern Ireland & Ireland will have an experience that combines knowledge with luxury. Therefore, the wedding couple can rest assured that they will be receiving only the most quality of services for this, your magical day. By offering a choice of classic and modern limo type wedding cars, this selection is centred around the need to accommodate the specifics of the wedding itself. Still, other factors are well worth mentioning.

As we do this in-house, and generally part of your wedding package, we can normally offer a price point that no one can come close to for your wedding day car hire. We specialise in providing wedding transport for the immediate family of the bride and groom & are also able to supply buses for transporting larger groups to your wedding venue.

Your wedding car hire service is also quite flexible in its pricing. Although a single car may be one of the most common requirements, there are instances when multiple vehicles will be needed. So, pricing packages will vary accordingly. Additionally, all guests can be assured that these cars are in top condition and that the customer will have a choice of visiting a showroom to obtain a first-hand glimpse at such majesty before deciding upon a specific make and model. This will enable relevant options to be viewed while the bride and groom will be assured that they are privileged to partake in what are undoubtedly examples of the most famous wedding cars & carriages in the world.